"Showing Energy the Way"

Cody Ragsdale – In the Field Right of Way Training Instructor

cody-arwaCody Ragsdale – In the Field Right of Way Training Instructor

Cody Ragsdale was introduced to the oil & gas industry by a family member and he was sparked with interested and by 2005 Cody started his career in the Oil & Gas Right of Way Industry.  He has worked in the area of Right of Way Acquisitions as a Team Lead and Project Manager prior to branching into Survey where he worked as a Survey Supervisor and Mapping Coordinator for TRWA- Texas Right of Way Associates. He currently holds the position as the Right of Way Construction Liaison for one of TRWA’s energy companies in the Barnett Shale play.

Cody has developed to be an expert in negotiations for right of way acquisitions, title research and document preparations. He has extensive knowledge in route selection, pipeline construction and post construction damage settlement negotiations.

In 2008 American Right of Way Academy added Mr. Ragsdale to the Academy Training Team due to his field knowledge, experience and the ability to teach the next generation of Right of Way agents for the various shale plays.

Cody became ARWA’s In the Field Right of Way Acquisitions Instructor in the spring of 2008. He has taught hundreds of men and women through the academy. Cody has been vital to the development of the “Boots on the Ground” teaching program for the Academy and strives for excellence in his field of instruction.