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Land Title Research DVDs


Main Topics:

  • What is Title – Title is a legal term for bundle of rights in a piece of property in which a party may own either a legal interest or an equitable interest
  • Types of Deeds – identifying deeds that warrant title for any defects that might exist during or prior to ownership
  • Land Title Research – steps to begin researching ownership of who are the surface landowners across the right of way route

Other Topics:

  • Overview of Title
  • Conveyance Documents
  • Review Maps of Abstracts and Surveys
  • Creating a Legal Description
  • Creating an Ownership Line List
  • Creating a Title Run Sheet
  • Researching Property using the Central Appraisal District Records
  • Researching Property using the Tax Office Roll Records
  • Preparing Files for Condemnation Process
  • Preparing Files for the Client

Package Includes:

  • 2 DVDs
  • A Training Book

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