"Showing Energy the Way"

Frequently Asked Questions

    After taking an ARWA training class, will it guarantee me a job?

  • The training class will only provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist with the first steps to becoming a right of way and land title research agent in the O&G industry.

    Note:  ARWA doesn’t guarantee employment.

  • Do you need a Real Estate or Broker’s license in order to take this class?

  • No

  • Is a Real Estate license or Brokers license beneficial to becoming a right of way or title agent?

  • Yes, but not required, however having a current Brokers license exempts you from needing an easement/right of way license to conduct right of way negotiations.

  • How will taking a training class benefit me?

  • Individuals who are not in the O&G industry will learn the basics necessary to gain employment in right of way acquisitions and/or land title research. Knowledge is power.

  • Does the O&G industry recognize your training program?

  • Yes. Many energy companies recognize ARWA’s training program.  ARWA is a Nationally recognized learning center dedicated to serving the needs of the individual who desires a career in the Oil & Gas Industry. ARWA classes are also an excellent source for continuing education for those already working in the O&G industry.

  • Does the O&G industry hire inexperienced agents after taking one or more of your training classes?

  • Yes, 100’s of individual’s have taken one or more of ARWA’s training classes and have found employment within the industry. As with any career, initiative is important.

  • What are the O&G companies looking for in an inexperience agent’s resume?

  • *   Training

    *   State Notary

    *   Easement/Right of Way License (when applicable)

  • Are there any other certificates or license I would need to acquire to be a right of way agent or land title agent?

  • Requirements vary from state however; right of way agents in Texas are required to apply for, easement/right of way license through the Texas Real Estate Commission and its recommend that all agents should maintain a current State Notary Public status.

    Note: A right of way license is not required for state of Louisiana

  • What other training classes does ARWA offer?

  • ARWA offers the following training classes

    • Right of Way Acquisitions
    • Land Title Research
    • GIS Mapping & Applications
    • Geology & Environmental Mapping
    • Advance Right of Way Acquisitions In the Field Training
  • What does the future look like for agents in the O&G industry?

  • Natural gas is believed by many to be the most important energy source for the future. The abundance of natural gas, coupled with its environmental soundness and multiple applications across all sectors, means that natural gas will continue to play an increasingly important role in meeting the demand for energy in the United States.

    Between 2010 and 2012, employment of Right-of-way Agents is expected to increase faster than many other fields. Employment is dependent on education and initiative. The overall energy industry economy is expected to grow at a healthy rate, creating more construction projects and thus more of a demand for Right-of-way Agents.  Opportunities will be best for those who have experience in real estate, acquisitions or alternative energy training. Government agencies, utilities, pipelines, and companies with active land management programs are the most active recruiters of Right-of-way Agents. Individuals looking for a career as an agent need to have knowledge of the methods and techniques used in property appraising, acquisition, and management. They must be familiar with legal instruments used for executing the transfer, sale, or lease of property.