"Showing Energy the Way"

About ARWA

American Right of Way Academy is dedicated to offering the highest quality education in the oil & gas industry for those interested in becoming Right of Way and/or Land Title Agents. The energy industry and their oil & gas Executives Leaders have referred their potential hires to American Right of Way Academy for training. Many of the industry shale players have employed many of our graduates. These leaders are familiar with our training ethics and know individuals will receive the most up to date education in the energy industry.

The demand for alternative energy and engineering breakthroughs in the oil & gas Shale plays has created a significant need for educated and well trained right of way agents to assist with acquiring right of way for utilities, power lines and pipelines that carry crude oil and natural gas from individual well sites to existing pipeline infrastructure.

The Academy offers specialized workshops in all areas of Right of Way Acquisitions, Land Title Research and offers the only “Boots on the Ground” Advance Right of Way In the Field Training which is one of a kind.

These unique workshops are taught by well knowledgeable, highly qualified and experienced instructors in the oil & gas industry.

American Right of Way Academy has broadened the reach to individuals who are unable to attend the offered workshops due to their logistics, by developing their training workshops on instructional DVDs.

The Academy continues to strive and offer the highest level of education to the men & women who are preparing for a career in the energy oil & gas industry.