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Welcome to American Right of Way Academy!


American Right of Way Academy, is dedicated to offering the highest quality in energy training Webinars, Workshops and DVDs for the oil & gas industry for those interested in becoming Right of Way and/or Land Title Agents.

  • ARWA - Is a professional Right of Way Acquisition Training Academy. Dedicated to serving the needs of the Oil & Gas Industry and those Energy Companies currently working in the Shale plays and the Premium Basin.
  • ARWA - Has been conducting training workshops since 2006 for Right of Way Acquisitions, Land Title Research and In The Field Training in the Barnett Shale, Haynesville Shale and Eagle Ford Shale oil & gas plays.
  • ARWA - Was the first Right of Way Acquisition training academy to offer training for future Right of Way & Land Title Research Agents in the shale plays, teaching the next generation.

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